Minister – Rev Kevyn Harris

Hi there.

I could talk about my background in business and ministry but this is probably not a lot of use if you are looking at our website.  What you probably want to know is what I believe and practice.

This I can sum up rather simply.  I believe in forming my life around Jesus the Messiah, guided by Scripture and the Spirit of God, and going with Jesus in to the surrounding world he loved and died for. My primary task is not running organisations even though I have qualifications for it.  More, my task is to encourage others to form their lives around Jesus and go with Jesus.

The common term used is “disciple making”.  This is what I believe the Church is called to.  We may do many things but unless disciple-making and proclaiming the good news about Jesus is primary, we are failing our primary task.

I greatly love engaging with young adults and hope to see an authentic ministry with young people developing at St Andrews.  I want to encourage their questions and be honest about the challenges they face.  My approach is not to provide answers but facilitate the journey by asking more questions.  All in all, I believe the church can and should provide a venue for people’s spiritual journeying and welcome honest questions.  God is not embarrassed by our doubts and certainly not by sincere questions.

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Office Administrator – Rachael Lock

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