St Andrews Presbyterian Church New Plymouth Welcomes You

St Andrews Presbyterian Church New Plymouth is a community of everyday people of all age groups. We are multi-cultural, with members from many different backgrounds and countries, who enjoy gathering together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ.

Visiting church for the first time? – What to Expect

You will not be asked to pay, participate or sign anything and you can sit anywhere you like. Our Services are led musically by our music team and include a number of people making various contributions.  We regularly make opportunity for meeting and greeting one another and for people to share what God is doing in their lives.  Services are planned every week with a deliberate attempt no to fall into one particular pattern of “liturgy” or another.  People are often invited to txt the Speaker after the Message and get some answers to questions that came up for them from what they heard.

After the service we share in morning tea and you are very welcome to join us.

Upcoming Events