Your Wedding at St Andrews

Your wedding day is a very special day in your lives and we at St Andrews acknowledge the sacredness of this moment.

We are happy to assist you on your special day to ensure you have a really blessed wedding with lots of memories to hold dear.

Here you will find information on our weddings (costs and procedures) as well as a pre-marriage form that you need to complete and return to us if you decide to go ahead with your wedding at our Church.

Address details: P O Box 108 New Plymouth, or by email:

Wedding Information


The officiating minister at your service is:
(Unless otherwise arranged)
Reverend Kevyn Harris
Phone: (06)758-8568

He will be in touch with you to arrange times for marriage preparation, to discuss the service and other matters related to your wedding.

Form of Service

The Minister will be pleased to discuss this matter with you and will handcraft your unique service in consultation with you.
Please do not hesitate to mention to him anything that you would like included in your service.


Because of the sacred nature of this service, we ask that you accept these guidelines.

Music: Arrangements about and the choice of music for the wedding must be discussed with the minister.

Flowers: are usually arranged by the St. Andrew’s Floral Group. If you have any special requests for flower arrangements please contact:

Phone: (06) 758-8568 (church office)

The cost for these will be included in the fee structure.

Bows on Pews: these are provided by the Church and are put in place by the Verger.

Mrs Helen Beechey
Phone: (06) 758-1085

Video and Photographs: This is an important occasion for you both and we have no objection to your photographer recording the service. If time permits you may like to return to the church after the service for further photographs.

The minister will be happy to explain to the video operator the most suitable position to obtain the best results for filming the service

Marriage License

This is to be obtained from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages and must be left at the Church office at least a week before the wedding, along with the following fees:

Church Hire $402.50
(including Verger)

The fee for the celebrant will be discussed with the couple by the minister


Flowers $230.00
Organist $172.50

(All prices include GST.)

Please read this information when you first book your wedding and note all points mentioned. If you have any questions please ring the Church office any week day between 9.00am-2.00pm.
Phone: (06) 758-8568

We wish you a happy Wedding Day.

May God give you a strong and fulfilling married life together.


Download the wedding pack

Pre-Marriage Form and Wedding Information


Pre-Marriage Form

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

New Plymouth

Please complete and return to: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Box 108, New Plymouth or by email as soon as possible. Thank you.

You will need to arrange times to meet with the Minister so that he can get to know you and handcraft your unique service with you in mind. In that marriage is such an important step in your life, pre-marriage counseling is available for you to attend prior to your day.

Please Note: You will need an interview with the Minister before final agreement is made to proceed.












Date of Wedding*:


Number in Wedding party (if known):

Do you wish to consult our Music Director about music available for you wedding day?* YesNo
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Looking forward to sharing and working with you to make your day very special.